Jan. 28, 2010

MedCorp Fuels Emergency Vehicles With Propane in Ohio (Text Version)

This is a text version of the video segment MedCorp Fuels Emergency Vehicles With Propane in Ohio, which aired on Jan. 28, 2010.

JOHN DAVIS: Our success story of the week takes us to Toledo, Ohio, at one of the nation's largest private medical transport providers. MedCorp EMS desired a clean-fuel fleet, but since their call center handles critical 9-1-1 service for many communities and dispatches over 1,500 ambulances daily, they couldn't risk compromising vehicle reliability. Their solution is a bifuel conversion using propane as the primary fuel but retaining the vehicle's existing gasoline system for emergency backup. This led not only to a greener fleet but a new business opportunity as well.

FRED ISCH: We found the propane to be the best fit for us. We converted a large amount of our fleet to that product. It's been very successful in saving us money and improving our economic position and our environmental position. We were so happy with the product we then began to install and market it to outside companies, even competitors, cities, anyone else who could be interested in a fleet application of propane.

JOHN DAVIS: Sounds like a win-win situation. Domestically produced propane is cleaner and cheaper than gasoline and actually improved MedCorp's fleet maintenance profile. We applaud MedCorp for leading by their green example.

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