Replace Vehicles

Replace vehicles with alternative fuel vehicles, electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, or more efficient conventional vehicles. To explore the effect of adding vehicles to your fleet, change the current number of vehicles to zero and enter a number of new vehicles. Petroleum and greenhouse gas reductions will be reported as negative numbers in this case.

Use Alternative Fuel in Existing Vehicles

Use ethanol (E85) and biodiesel in your existing flex fuel and diesel vehicles.

Reduce Idling

Reduce vehicle idling time by using truck stop electrification, auxiliary power units, and other approaches.

Reduce Mileage

Drive less, conserve fuel, and save money.

Drive Efficiently

Improve the efficiency of your current vehicles by up to 10% by adopting efficient driving behaviors.


Select the desired vehicle technology. PHEV-x means a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle with x miles of all-electric range. Learn more

Alt fuel use (%)

How often will the alternative fuel be used?