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Find and compare alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs), engines, and hybrid/conversion systems. Some of the light-duty AFVs in this tool may count toward vehicle-acquisition requirements for federal fleets and state and alternative fuel provider fleets regulated by the Energy Policy Act (EPAct). Access a list of light-duty Model Year 2019 Alternative Fuel and Advanced Technology Vehicles or download a spreadsheet of all vehicles (Microsoft Excel).
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RAM Promaster Cargo Van

Biodiesel (B20)
Power Source(s):
  • RAM 3.0L I4
  • US Hybrid eCargo

    Power Source(s):
  • US Hybrid 120kW electric motor
  • US Hybrid H2Cargo

    Plug-in Hybrid Electric/Hydrogen Fuel Cell
    Power Source(s):
  • Hydrogenics HD30
  • Workhorse E-Gen

    Plug-in Hybrid Electric
    Power Source(s):
  • BMW 647cc range extender
  • Zenith Motors Cargo Van

    Power Source(s):
  • UQM PowerPhase 100kW electric motor
  • Zenith Motors Step Van

    Power Source(s):
  • UQM PowerPhase 150kW permanent magnet motor
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