Average Annual Fuel Use by Vehicle Type

Transit Bus Class 8 Truck Refuse Truck Para. Shuttle Delivery Truck School Bus Light Truck/Van Car Motorcycle
Annual Fuel Use (GGE) 13329.36326156665 11817.51412429378 10088.78127522195 4156.638418079096 1898.763169949611 1937.046004842615 659.6 473.8429752066116 52.54545454545455
This chart shows average annual fuel use (per vehicle) for major vehicle categories in the United States. Measured in gasoline gallon equivalents (GGEs), representing a quantity of fuel with the same amount of energy contained in a gallon of gasoline. The two factors affecting the average annual fuel use of a vehicle are the average miles traveled per year (correlative) and the fuel economy of the vehicle (inversely correlative). Transit buses, which are relatively inefficient because of their stop-and-go drive cycles and heavy loads, consume more fuel on average than any other vehicle type. Class 8 trucks, which typically travel long distances carrying heavy loads, use the second-largest amount of fuel. Refuse trucks, like transit buses, are inefficient because of their heavy loads and stop-and-go drive cycles. The last four vehicle types are owned by individual consumers, and they each use a fraction of the fuel consumed by fleet-based vehicles, on a per-vehicle basis. See also Average Annual Vehicle Miles Traveled by Major Vehicle Category and Average Fuel Economy by Major Vehicle Category.

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