Public Transportation Research, Demonstration, and Deployment Funding

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Transit Administration administers the Public Transportation Innovation Program. Financial assistance is available to local, state, and federal government entities; public transportation providers; private and non-profit organizations; and higher education institutions for research, demonstration, and deployment projects involving low or zero emission public transportation vehicles. Eligible vehicles must be designated for public transportation use and significantly reduce energy consumption or harmful emissions compared to a comparable standard or low emission vehicle.

For more information, see the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Public Transportation Innovation fact sheet.

(Reference 49 U.S. Code 5312 and 5339, Public Law 114-94, Public Law 113-159, and Public Law 117-58)

Jurisdiction: Federal

Type: Incentives

Agency: U.S. Department of Transportation

Enacted: Jul 6, 2012

Amended: Nov 15, 2021

Technologies: Aftermarket Conversions, Biodiesel, Ethanol, EVs, HEVs, Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Natural Gas, NEVs, PHEVs, Propane (LPG)

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