July 27, 2015

Clean Cities Helps National Parks Model Sustainable Transportation (Text Version)

This is a text version of the video segment Clean Cities Helps National Parks Model Sustainable Transportation , which aired on July 27, 2015.

VIC KNOX: The National Park Service preserves special places across this country for the enjoyment of this and future generations. Part of that preservation of special places is making sure we enjoy our parks sustainably.

JIM CHEATHAM: I think that's really one of our roles is to demonstrate environmental leadership and that commitment for the public to consider and to better protect the park as well.

CHELSEA HERNANDEZ: One unique thing about national parks is these are outdoor laboratories. Being able to observe these changes in an outdoor laboratory allows us to learn about climate change and allows us to learn things we can do to combat these negative changes to our natural environment."

VIC KNOX: Climate change causes many impacts on our national parks - right now.

RUDY MARQUEZ: We try to set the example for visitors. We've been always taking steps towards reducing our fossil fuel usage and trying to increase our alternative fuel usage.

JIM CHEATHAM: We partnered with the Department of Energy and Clean Cities to try to chip away at the impacts and emissions from our own transportation.

VIC KNOX: There are many successful efforts already underway to Green Our Rides in parks across the country.

DENNIS SMITH: By doing this in the National Parks, we help the parks - but we're really trying to engage the public so they will see they can do this as well and we can make a much great effect nationwide.

VIC KNOX: We can show the way and we can provide leadership in reducing transportation emissions - but the impact of our visitors is much, much larger.

RUDY MARQUEZ: A lot of our emissions are due to idling. If you don't have to drive, don't drive… if you can walk there, walk. If you can ride your bike, ride your bike… but if you do have to go, take your time.

CHELSEA HERNANDEZ: (talking to visitors) Now you just have to carpool…

DENNIS SMITH: If we can get the millions of parks visitors to go home and understand they can do the same thing, then it's really a home run.

VIC KNOX: Those choices about transportation make a real difference on the planet.

RUDY MARQUEZ: Every little bit each individual does… will help in the long-run.

CHELSEA HERNANDEZ: The National Parks System protects some of the most beautiful places and beautiful treasures for all to enjoy…these are all of our lands.

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