Dec. 11, 2010

Tennessee Reduces Pollution With Propane Hybrid Trolleys (Text Version)

This is a text version of the video segment Tennessee Reduces Pollution With Propane Hybrid Trolleys, which aired on Dec. 11, 2010.

JOHN DAVIS: Our success story of the week comes from the City of Sevierville, Tennessee, where they're touring the town in eight propane-fueled hybrid electric trolley cars. The city purchased the vehicles in 2005 to help reduce air pollution.

Propane produces fewer tailpipe emissions than diesel fuel, and it reduces their reliance on imported oil. But these hybrid trolleys filled with new technology and battery packs are only the tip of Sevierville's green initiative. They are also the proud owners of a pair of larger plug-in hybrid buses used for special events.

Four dedicated propane trolleys, a CNG bi-fuel pickup, and some 30 specialized municipal vehicles like this new refuse truck run on renewable B20 biodiesel.

JAMES DENNISON: The efficiency—the ultra-low sulfur diesel being down, and the clean air is a huge thing—less emissions.

JOHN DAVIS: Sevierville: a community leader doing their part to keep the volunteer state ready, willing, and green.

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