Nov. 1, 2022

MotorWeek Partners with Clean Cities to Advance Transportation (Text Version)

This is a text version of the video segment MotorWeek Partners with Clean Cities to Advance Transportation, which aired on Nov. 1, 2022.

JESSICA RAY: Since the first season of MotorWeek in 1981, we've reviewed and reported on alternative-fuel vehicles. From concept cars to home-made conversions, we've covered some of the most inventive, advanced, and revolutionary automobiles—all in an effort to better educate our viewers.

In 2002, MotorWeek increased our commitment through a partnership with the United States Department of Energy. Our first collaboration yielded an entire program devoted to alt fuels, including the memorable ABCs of AFVs.

And while much of that technology, like CNG trucks and hybrid cars seemed novel at the time, now, 20 years later, there are literally millions of alt-fuel vehicles on American roads. And the pure battery electric vehicles that many used to express skepticism about have become a reality—with our team testing a rapidly growing number each year. In fact, nearly one out of two new vehicles we test has a plug—BEV or PHEV.

Through the years, segments produced with the cooperation of the Department of Energy have become a regular feature on MotorWeek, alongside our FYI, Over the Edge, Two-Wheelin', Car Care and MotorNews segments. Our weekly road tests now incorporate a breakdown of fuel economy and emission ratings that go well beyond basic miles-per-gallon—with the latest addition being BEV efficiency ratings. We also demonstrate how driving behavior affects a car's efficiency regardless of power source.

MotorWeek showcases critical efforts to recycle batteries, fluids, and other components to reduce our cars' future environmental impact. We've ridden along as next-gen auto engineers invent tomorrow's technology for efficiency, autonomy, connectivity, and energy diversity. And in our work with the DOE, applauded the efforts of private and public fleets to embrace new technologies, invest in clean alternatives, and lead by example.

Another huge part of MotorWeek's partnership with the Department of Energy are the hundreds of Clean Cities success story vignettes we've produced. Our production teams travel the country, reporting on the home-grown success of Clean Cities coalitions from coast to coast. How their grass-roots efforts are helping hundreds of communities and businesses save money, reduce emissions, and help the environment—all at the same time.

In the past 20 years, MotorWeek has produced nearly 150 editorial features with the Department of Energy—seen by over 3 million people on television and online each and every month. We've come a long way from those alt-fuel vehicles we first saw back in the '80s. Now more than ever, green motoring is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for drivers all over the country.

Together, MotorWeek and the Department of Energy continue to research and report on the entire spectrum of alternative fuels, helping viewers and consumers stay informed, and guiding all of us on the road to a cleaner driving future.

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