Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Grants

Archived: 11/01/2015

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection administers the Natural Gas Vehicle Grant Program, which provides funding to eligible municipal and commercial fleets for the purchase or conversion of dedicated or bi-fuel NGVs. Eligible vehicles must have gross vehicle weight ratings of at least 14,000 pounds. Competitive grants are capped at 50% of the incremental or conversion cost, up to $25,000 per vehicle. Grants may not be used for project development, fueling stations, or other fueling infrastructure. Eligible applicants include Commonwealth or municipal authorities, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, non-profit entities, for-profit companies, local transportation organizations, and state-owned or state-related universities. Funding for grants has been allocated to the through fiscal year 2015 with portions set aside specifically for local transportation agencies through 2014 (verified October 2014). For more information, refer to the Natural Gas Vehicle Program website. (Reference Title 58 Pennsylvania Statutes, Chapter 27, Sections 2701-2704)

Jurisdiction: Pennsylvania

Type: State Incentives

Enacted: Feb 14, 2012

Technologies: Aftermarket Conversions, Natural Gas

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