Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Conversion Promotion

Archived: 02/01/2018

An interlocal entity composed of members from state and local government, school and transit districts, and the private sector may be created to promote the conversion of AFVs and to encourage the construction, operation, and maintenance of facilities for AFVs. The interlocal entity may contribute funding for an AFV facility so long as the entity uses or benefits from the facility. It must also work with the Utah Public Service Commission (Commission) to explore options and opportunities to facilitate AFV conversions and promote the enhancement and expansion of infrastructure and facilities for AFVs throughout Utah.

The Commission submitted a report to the governor on September 20, 2013, outlining options and opportunities for advancing and promoting measures, such as AFV conversions, to result in cleaner air in Utah.

(Reference Utah Code 54-1-13 and 11-13-224)

Jurisdiction: Utah

Type: Laws and Regulations

Enacted: Mar 31, 2013

Technologies: Aftermarket Conversions, Natural Gas

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