Establishment of Idle Reduction Loan Program

Archived: 02/01/2018

The Washington Department of Ecology (Department) will establish a loan program for investments in diesel idle reduction technologies, including truck stop electrification, auxiliary power units, cab air heaters, battery-powered heating and air conditioning systems, automatic engine start-up and shutdown systems, and projects that augment or replace diesel engines or power systems with natural gas engines or systems. The Department will offer low or no interest loans state, local, or other governmental entities that own diesel vehicles or equipment. Only vehicles that spend at least one half of their time operating in Washington are eligible. The Department will evaluate projects based on human health, environmental, and greenhouse gas benefits. (Reference Revised Code of Washington 70.325.030)

Jurisdiction: Washington

Type: Laws and Regulations

Enacted: Mar 27, 2014

Technologies: Idle Reduction

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