State Agency Coordination to Address Climate Change

Repealed: 01/16/2018

Washington state agencies are charged with a number of clean transportation initiatives to address climate change concerns, including:

  • The Washington State Department of Transportation must work with federal, state, regional, and local partners to develop an action plan to advance electric vehicle use, including recommendations on targeted incentives for consumers and businesses, infrastructure funding mechanisms, signage, and building codes.
  • The Washington Office of Financial Management must work with other state agencies, subject matter experts, affected industries, and the public to evaluate the technical feasibility, costs and benefits, and job implications of requiring the use of cleaner transportation fuels through a low carbon fuel standard.
  • The Washington Departments of Transportation, Commerce, and Ecology must work with the regional transportation planning organizations, counties, and cities to develop a new program to provide financial and technical assistance for local governments to implement transportation efficiency improvement measures, and to update their comprehensive plans to maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize greenhouse gas emissions.
Agencies must report to the governor annually on progress made towards these and other climate change goals.

(Reference Executive Order 14-04, 2014)

Jurisdiction: Washington

Type: Laws and Regulations

Enacted: Apr 29, 2014

Technologies: EVs, Other, PHEVs

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