Electric Vehicle (EV) Decal Fee

Owners of EVs must pay an annual decal fee of $200. Multipurpose vehicles and motorcycles are exempt. Multipurpose vehicles are defined as having at least four wheels, an unladen weight of at least 300 pounds (lbs.) but less than 3,000 lbs., a permanent upright seat or saddle for the driver which is mounted at least 24 inches from the ground, and an identifying number.

(Reference House Bill 0002, 2016, House Bill 0166, 2019, and Wyoming Statutes 39-17-301 (a) and 31-3-102 (a) (xxiii))

Jurisdiction: Wyoming

Type: Laws and Regulations

Enacted: Feb 25, 2015

Amended: Mar 2, 2016

Technologies: EVs, PHEVs

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