Alternative Fuel Vehicle Conversion Grants

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The Utah Conversion to Alternate Fuel Grant Program provides grants to businesses and government entities that purchase clean vehicles or install conversion equipment on eligible vehicles that allows the vehicles to operate on alternative fuel or reduces a vehicle’s emissions of regulated pollutants. Award recipients are required to pass these savings along to the individual who purchases the converted vehicle. Grants may cover 100% of the cost of purchasing a clean vehicle or 50% of the cost of conversion, up to $2,500. Eligible clean vehicles must operate solely on alternative fuel and include light- and heavy-duty vehicles and off-road equipment. Eligible alternative fuels include propane, natural gas, hydrogen, and electricity. For more information, see the Utah Conversion to Alternative Fuel Grant Program website. (Reference Senate Bill 188, 2022, and Utah Code 19-1-401 through 19-1-403.3 and 19-2-301 through 18-2-305)