Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Safe Testing Regulations

Archived: 06/11/2021

Arizona state agencies must support the testing and operation of AVs on public roads. Testing and operation of AVs must follow all applicable federal and state traffic and motor vehicle safety, insurance, accident reporting, titling, and registration laws and regulations. The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) may implement additional rules necessary to support AVs. Arizona formed the Self-Driving Vehicle Oversight Committee to advise ADOT and facilitate the advancement of AV technology.

Permission to test or operate AVs on public roads will be suspended or revoked if any applicable laws and regulations are violated. To test or operate AVs without a person present in the vehicle, an applicant must submit a written statement to ADOT stating that the vehicle meets all applicable requirements. If the vehicle’s automated driving system fails, the vehicle must be brought to a complete stop or safe state. The Arizona Department of Public Safety and law enforcement agencies will develop protocols on how first responders should interact with a fully autonomous vehicle in emergency and traffic enforcement situations.

(Reference Executive Order 2018-04, 2018 and Executive Order 2015-09, 2015)

Jurisdiction: Arizona

Type: Laws and Regulations

Enacted: Mar 1, 2018

Technologies: Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

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