Volkswagen (VW) Settlement Allocation

Archived: 10/14/2022

The VW Litigation Environmental Mitigation Fund (Fund) is established as a special fund in the State Treasury, with the purpose of receiving funds allocated to the state as a beneficiary of the VW Environmental Mitigation Trust (Trust). The governor appointed the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) as the lead agency to manage the Fund. DEQ will manage the Fund through five programs: a school bus replacement program, a transit bus replacement program, a clean heavy-duty on-road equipment program, a clean heavy-duty off-road equipment program, and a zero-emission vehicle infrastructure program. For more information, including open requests for proposals, see the final Beneficiary Mitigation Plan and the DEQ Volkswagen Settlement website. (Reference North Carolina General Assembly Session Law 2018-5, Section 13.11(a))

Jurisdiction: North Carolina

Type: Laws and Regulations

Enacted: Jun 12, 2018

Technologies: Other

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