Heavy-Duty Truck and Transit Bus Grants

Archived: 11/10/2020

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The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection offers competitive grants for the replacement or repower of Class 8 local freight trucks and transit buses. Model Years (MY) 1992 through 2009 local freight trucks and MY 2009 and older transit buses will be eligible for replacement or repower with new diesel, electric, or alternative fuel vehicles or technologies. Grant reimbursements are available in the following amounts:

Project TypeFuel/TechnologyGovernment Applicant Cost ShareNon-Government Applicant Cost Share
RepowerDiesel or Alternative FuelUp to 90% reimbursementUp to 40% reimbursement
RepowerElectricUp to 90% reimbursementUp to 75% reimbursement
ReplacementDiesel or Alternative FuelUp to 90% reimbursementUp to 25% reimbursement
ReplacementElectricUp to 90% reimbursementUp to 75% reimbursement

Vehicles or engines being replaced or repowered must be scrapped in accordance with program guidelines. This grant program is funded by Pennsylvania's portion of the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust. For more information, including program guidelines, grant amounts, and application periods, see the Driving Pennsylvania Forward website.