Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs) Advisory Council and Support

The Governor's Advisory Council on Connected and Automated Vehicles (Advisory Council) will study, assess, and prepare for widespread adoption of CAVs, and will provide advice and support to the governor, Minnesota Department of Transportation (MDOT), and the Department of Public Safety. In addition, the Advisory Council will consult with government, communities experiencing transportation barriers, transportation stakeholders, the automotive industry, advocacy groups, educational institutions, and business, labor, and technology companies. A report will be submitted to the Governor, the Minnesota House and Senate Transportation and Public Safety committees, and the Minnesota Legislature by December 1, 2018 that recommends changes to statutes, rules, and policies in the following areas related to CAVs:

  • Transportation infrastructure and network;
  • Cyber security and data privacy standards;
  • Vehicle registration, driver training, licensing, insurance, and traffic regulations;
  • Promotion of economic development, business opportunities, and workforce preparation; and
  • Accessibility and equity for all Minnesotans, with particular focus on rural communities, the elderly, the disabled, low-income communities, communities of color, and America Indians.
MDOT and the Department of Public Safety will establish guidelines for development, testing, and deployment of CAV technologies, and will support safe and effective testing and use at every level of autonomy, including driverless technology. MDOT will form the Interagency CAV Team to implement the tasks outlined above.

(Reference Executive Order 18-04, 2018).