Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) and Infrastructure Grants for Public Fleets

Under the Creating Long-term Energy Alternatives Now by Advancing Improvements Regionally (CLEAN AIR) Grants program, the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG) issues grants for alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicle projects in the Oklahoma City Area Regional Transportation Study (OCARTS) area. Projects must provide a reduction in vehicle equipment emissions and cannot increase the number of vehicles in applicant fleets. Eligible projects may also include AFV fueling stations or charging infrastructure. Eligible applicants include OCARTS-member governments, certain public trusts and public authorities providing essential services to OCARTS-member governments, member entity public transit fleets, and public-school fleets whose district boundaries are contained partially or wholly within the OCARTS area. For more information, including open solicitations, see the ACOG CLEAN AIR Grants for Public Fleets website.

Jurisdiction: Oklahoma

Type: Utility / Private Incentives

Technologies: Biodiesel, Ethanol, EVs, Fuel Economy / Efficiency, Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Idle Reduction, Natural Gas, PHEVs, Propane (LPG)

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