Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) Initiative

Archived: 12/13/2023

The Illinois Department of Transportation’s (IDOT) Autonomous Illinois initiative was established to promote the development, testing, and deployment of CAV technologies and related infrastructure. IDOT partners with state agencies to:

  • Review CAV research, pilot projects, and other relevant information to determine best practices for vehicle testing, technology deployment, law enforcement collaboration, insurance coverage, liability determinations, data-sharing arrangements, privacy issues, and infrastructure needs;
  • Evaluate current laws and regulations applicable to CAVs;
  • Pursue opportunities to make Illinois a leader in CAV transportation;
  • Collaborate with industry experts on the latest developments in CAV systems, cybersecurity, network infrastructure, and other innovative areas;
  • Work with stakeholders to strengthen the sharing and analysis of CAV generated data to enhance planning, operations and maintenance throughout the state and identify areas of interest and potential pilot projects related to improved safety and mobility for the elderly, disabled, and underserved populations;
  • Develop and implement a plan to address changing education and workforce training needs related to CAV technology development;
  • Identify public-private partnership opportunities to increase efficiency in the transportation network and seek savings for taxpayers;
  • Maintain a website to provide updates on the Autonomous Illinois initiative and offer educational resources for the public and interested stakeholders; and
  • Inform Illinois agencies, partner entities, and the public about the work of the Autonomous Illinois and its findings.

    For more information, see the State of Illinois CAVs Overview report.

    (Reference Executive Order 13, 2018)

Jurisdiction: Illinois

Type: Laws and Regulations

Enacted: Oct 25, 2018

Technologies: Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

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