Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Rebates - Anaheim Public Utilities (APU)

APU provides rebates for residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal customers for the purchase and installation of Level 2 or direct current fast charging (DCFC) stations. Rebates are available in the following amounts:

Customer Type Charger Type Access Maximum Rebate Amount per EV charging station
Residential and commercial Level 2 Private $1,500
Residential and commercial participating in a time-of-use rate DCFC Public $3,000
Commercial, municipal, and multiunit dwelling Level 2 or DCFC Public $5,000
School, affordable housing, and publicly accessible DCFC locations Level 2 or DCFC Public $10,000

Applicants installing DCFC stations may receive a maximum of 10 rebates. Applicants may also receive up to $5,000 for sub-meter installation fees and up to $1,500 for city permit fees. Additional terms and conditions apply. For more information, including how to apply, see the APU Personal EV Charger Rebate and Public EV Charger Rebate websites.

Jurisdiction: California

Type: Utility / Private Incentives

Technologies: EVs, PHEVs

See all California Laws and Incentives.