Emissions Reduction Requirements for Transportation Network Companies

Through the California Clean Miles Standard and Incentive Program (Program), the California Air Resources Board (ARB) will establish annual emissions reduction targets for transportation network companies, including goals for increasing the number of miles traveled using zero emission vehicles. ARB must adopt targets and goals for the Program by January 1, 2021, to be implemented beginning in 2023. By January 1, 2022, and every two years thereafter, each transportation network company must develop a greenhouse gas emissions reduction plan, including proposals on how the company will meet the Program’s requirements. A transportation network company is defined as an organization that provides prearranged transportation services for compensation using an online application or platform to connect passengers with drivers using a personal vehicle. For more information, see ARB’s Clean Miles Standard website. (Reference Senate Bill 1014, 2018, California Health and Safety Code 44274.4, and California Public Utilities Code 5431 and 5450)