Establishment of Zero and Near-Zero Emission Vehicle Component Rebates

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) will establish the Zero Emission Assurance Project (ZAP) to offer rebates for the replacement of a battery, fuel cell, or other related vehicle component for eligible used zero and near-zero emission vehicles. Rebates will be limited to one per vehicle. By January 1, 2024, ARB must publish a report to the legislature detailing the number of rebates awarded, the emissions benefits of the ZAP, and the impacts of the ZAP on low-income consumer decisions to purchase zero and near-zero emissions vehicles. A zero emission vehicle is defined as a vehicle that produces no criteria pollutant, toxic air contaminant, or greenhouse gas emissions when stationary or operating. A near-zero emission vehicle is a vehicle that uses zero emission technologies, uses technologies that provide a pathway to zero emission operations, or incorporates other technologies that significantly reduce vehicle emissions. Rebates will be available through July 31, 2025. (Reference Assembly Bill 193, 2018, and California Health and Safety Code 44274.9)