Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Incentives - NV Energy

Nevada Energy (NV Energy) provides rebates for the purchase and installation of Level 2 EVSE and direct current (DC) fast charger stations. Eligible projects include charging for fleet, workplace, and multi-unit dwellings. NV Energy offers rebates of 75% of project costs, up to $3,000 per connector, whichever is less, for Level 2 EVSE. Level 2 EVSE projects must include at least two but no more than 10 connectors. NV Energy offers rebates of 50% of project costs, up to $400 per kilowatt or $40,000 per station, whichever is less, for DC fast chargers. DC fast charger projects must include at least one station but no more than five stations. Applicants must reserve funds prior to beginning construction and complete the project within one year, at which point they will receive the rebate.

NV Energy also funds projects that do not fall within the scope of fleet, workplace, or multi-unit dwelling charging through the Electric Vehicle Custom Grant program.

For more information, see the Electric Vehicle Charging Station Incentives Program Handbook and the NV Energy Electric Vehicles website.