Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant (AFIG) Program

The AFIG Program provides financial assistance for innovative, advanced fuel and vehicle technology projects. Projects that result in product commercialization and the expansion of Pennsylvania companies are favored in the selection process. Eligible applicants include school districts, municipal authorities, political subdivisions, non-profits, corporations, limited liability companies or partnerships incorporated or registered in the Commonwealth to support:

  • Incremental cost expenses relative to retrofitting vehicles to operate on alternative fuels as a bi-fuel, dual-fuel, hybrid or dedicated vehicle
  • Incremental cost expenses to purchase bi-fuel, dual-fuel, hybrid or dedicated vehicles
  • The cost to purchase and install the necessary fleet refueling or home-refueling equipment for bi-fuel, dual-fuel, hybrid or dedicated vehicles
  • The cost to perform research, training, development and demonstration of new applications or next-phase technology related to alternative fuel vehicles.
For more information, including forms and detailed requirements and restrictions, see the AFIG Program website.

(Reference Title 73 Pennsylvania Statutes, Chapter 18E, Section 1647.3)

Point of Contact
Michelle Ferguson
Energy Program Specialist
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Energy Programs Office
Phone: (570) 327-3783