Road Usage Charge Program

The owner of an all-electric vehicle (EV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) may enroll in the Utah Department of Transportation’s (UDOT) mileage-based roadway operations and maintenance fee program in lieu of paying additional EV, PHEV, or HEV registration fees. To participate, the owner or lessee must enroll, report mileage driven, and pay the road usage fee for each payment period. Beginning in 2023, road use fees are as follows:

YearFee per MileMaximum Total Annual Fee
2023 to 2025$0.01$130.25
2026 to 2032$0.0125$180
2032 and Later$0.015$240

In 2023, a six-month option with a prorated maximum road use fee will also be available. Beginning in 2024, UDOT may adjust the mileage fee and the Utah Tax Commission may adjust the maximum annual fee amount. Additional conditions apply. For more information, see the UDOT Road Usage Charge website.

(Reference House Bill 186, 2022, and Utah Code 72-1-213.1)