Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Make-Ready Requirements for New Developments

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As a condition of preliminary site plan approval, new non-residential developments with parking lots and garages must meet the following make-ready requirements:

Number of Off-Street Parking SpacesMinimum Number of Make-Ready Parking Spaces
50 or fewer1
51 to 752
76 to 1003
101 to 1504
Over 1504% of parking spaces; 5% of the make-ready spaces must be disability-accessible

Parking lots and garages may install make-ready parking spaces and EVSE at a faster rate than required. Retailers that provide 25 or fewer off-street parking spaces are not required to provide or install any EVSE or make-ready parking spaces.

Parking lots and garages may install EVSE in lieu of make-ready spaces to satisfy these requirements. Standards must be developed that provide for the progression of accessible make-ready parking spaces to accessible EVSE parking spaces and conform to the requirements of the most recent International Building Code and International Residential Code published by the International Code Council except as the Commissioner of Community Affairs (Commissioner) deems appropriate to deviate from those codes.

The Commissioner must publish a model land use ordinance to address installation, sightline, setback requirements, and other health- and safety-related specifications for EVSE and make-ready parking spaces and post the model land use ordinance on the department's website. The model land use ordinance applies to all municipalities in New Jersey, but municipalities may adopt reasonable standards to address installation, sightline, and setback requirements or other health- and safety-related specifications for EVSE and make-ready parking spaces. Municipalities may not require more make-ready parking spaces than the land use ordinance published by the Commissioner.

(Reference Senate Bill 3223, 2021)