Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Development Support

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation, along with the Division of Motor Vehicles and the Office of Energy Resources, published a statewide public EV charging station plan in December 2021. The plan outlines needs, opportunities, and recommendations for expanding EV charging infrastructure in Rhode Island. Recommendations include:

  • Invest in incentive programs for EVs and EV chargers;
  • Increase equity considerations in EV and EV charger programs;
  • Increase electrification of transit and school busses and other medium- and heavy-duty vehicles;
  • Conduct an analysis on how transportation electrification will impact transportation revenue;
  • Support the decarbonization of electricity;
  • Develop a clean transportation dashboard to track electrification progress; and,
  • Lead by example through state agency action.

(Reference Rhode Island General Laws 31-3.3-1)

Jurisdiction: Rhode Island

Type: Laws and Regulations

Enacted: Jul 13, 2021

Technologies: EVs, PHEVs

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