Low and Zero Emission Public Transportation Funding

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The Department of Transportation’s Federal Transit Administration (FTA) administers the Low or No Emission Grant (Low-No) Program. Financial assistance is available to local and state government entities for the purchase or lease of low-emission or zero-emission transit buses, in addition to the acquisition, construction, or lease of supporting facilities. Eligible vehicles must be designated for public transportation use and significantly reduce energy consumption or harmful emissions compared to a comparable standard or low emission vehicle.

The Low-No Program is a competitive grant program. Funding is available through fiscal year (FY) 2026. $1.1 billion is available for FY 2022. Applicants must apply by May 31, 2022. Applicants must submit a zero-emission vehicle fleet transition plan to the FTA that includes a utility partnership description and workforce development training. For more information, including details about the current round of funding, see the Low or No Emission Grant (Low-No) Program website. (Reference Public Laws 117-58, 113-159, and 114-94, and 49 U.S. Code 5312 and 5339)

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