Heavy-Duty Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) and Infrastructure Grants

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency offers grants for heavy-duty ZEVs and associated infrastructure. Grant award amounts vary and may cover up to 100% of total project costs. Eligible project costs include:

  • The incremental cost of a Class 6 or 7 electric vehicle;
  • Capital, installation, operation, and maintenance costs of ZEV charging or refueling infrastructure;
  • Workforce development and training programs to support the maintenance, charging, fueling, and operation of ZEVs; and,
  • Planning and technical activities that support the adoption and deployment of ZEVs.

Eligible applicants include state governments, municipalities, tribal governments, and non-profit school transportation associations. Additional funding is available for projects located in nonattainment communities. For more information, see the EPA Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicle Program website.

(Reference Public Law 117-169 and 42 U.S. Code 7432)

Jurisdiction: Federal

Type: Incentives

Agency: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Enacted: Aug 16, 2022

Technologies: EVs, PHEVs

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