Zero-Emission Freight Assessment

The California Transportation Commission (CTC), along with other state agencies, must develop a Clean Freight Corridor Efficiency Assessment. As part of the assessment, the CTC must establish an advisory committee, made up of industry representatives and public and private freight stakeholders. The assessment must:

  • Identify and designate priority freight corridors for the deployment of zero emission medium- and heavy-duty (MHD) vehicles and associated infrastructure;
  • Identify projects to further state goals for zero emission freight and potential sponsors of projects;
  • Identify barriers and potential solutions to deploying zero emission MHD vehicles; and,
  • Assess impacts on existing infrastructure, potential funding opportunities, and benefits from deploying zero emission MHD vehicles.

By December 1, 2023, the CTC must submit a report containing the assessment’s findings and recommendations to the Legislature. Findings from the assessment must be incorporated into the California Transportation Plan.

(Reference California Government Code 14517 and 65072.5)

Jurisdiction: California

Type: Laws and Regulations

Enacted: Oct 9, 2021

Technologies: EVs, Hydrogen Fuel Cells

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