Electric Vehicle (EV) and Automated Vehicle (AV) Support

The governor established the Arkansas Council on Future Mobility (Council) to support advanced mobility technology, including EVs and AVs. The Council must identify state laws that are prohibitive to EVs and AVs and provide recommendations on policies and incentives to promote their advancement. Additionally, the Council must identify future tasks and goals related to EV and AV education, workforce training, and economic development. The Council published a report of their recommendations in December 2022. Recommendations include:

  • Increase the EV annual registration fee;
  • Increase funding for existing state EV programs;
  • Consider creating tax credits to fund the expansion of the state‚Äôs direct current fast charger (DCFC) network, and
  • Create EV and automated vehicle career technical education training programs for high school and community college students.

(Reference Executive Order 22-06, 2022)

Jurisdiction: Arkansas

Type: Laws and Regulations

Technologies: Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, EVs, PHEVs

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