Resilient Surface Transportation Grants

The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) established the Promoting Resilient Operations for Transformative, Efficient, and Cost-Saving Transportation (PROTECT) Discretionary Grant Program to provide funding for projects that improve the resilience of the surface transportation system through support of planning activities, resilience improvements, community resilience and evacuation routes, and at-risk costal infrastructure. Eligible projects include those that demonstrate greenhouse gas reductions in the transportation sector through the transition to clean vehicles and fuels, including electrification.

For more information, including funding availability and timelines, see the FHWA PROTECT Program website.

(Reference Public Law 117-58 and 23 U.S. Code 176)

Jurisdiction: Federal

Type: Incentives

Agency: U.S. Department of Transportation

Technologies: Biodiesel, Ethanol, EVs, Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Natural Gas, PHEVs, Propane (LPG), Renewable Diesel

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