Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) and Propane Annual Fee

Owners of NGVs and propane powered vehicles are required to pay an annual license fee, based on gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), instead of motor fuel excise taxes. The base fee schedule is as follows:

GVWR Base Fee
Less than 10,000 pounds (lbs.) $45
10,001 - 18,000 lbs. $80
18,001 - 28,000 lbs. $110
28,001 - 36,000 lbs. $150
More than 36,000 lbs. $250

To determine the actual annual license fee imposed per registration year, multiply the appropriate base fee amount from the above schedule by the motor vehicle fuel tax rate in cents per gallon effective on July 1 of the preceding calendar year, and divide the resulting amount by $0.12. There is an additional $5 handling fee for each license issued.

(Reference Revised Code of Washington 82.38.075)

Jurisdiction: Washington

Type: Laws and Regulations

Amended: Apr 4, 2014

Technologies: Natural Gas, Propane (LPG)

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