Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Development

Archived: 02/01/2011

The New Mexico Department of Economy Development and the New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department are directed to establish the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Development Program to foster the development of hydrogen and fuel cell-related commercialization and economic development in the state. The program will establish a public-private partnership to provide guidance and support for hydrogen and fuel cell initiatives; support the adoption of uniform hydrogen safety codes and standards and provide education and training to communicate these codes and standards to the appropriate fire and regulatory entities; develop demonstration projects by pursuing federal funds and other available funds to augment state resources, advance public education about hydrogen and fuel cell technology, and build the necessary infrastructure to support commercial use and adoption of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies; and coordinate research and education activities related to hydrogen and fuel cell technologies to promote closer cooperation and advance the state's overall capabilities and programs in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. (Reference New Mexico Statutes 71-7-7)