Heavy-Duty Truck Idle Reduction Requirement

A driver of a diesel-fueled vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of more than 10,000 pounds may not idle the vehicle’s primary engine for more than five consecutive minutes at any location, and is not allowed to operate a diesel-fueled auxiliary power system (APS) on the vehicle for more than five minutes when located within 100 feet of a restricted area. Exceptions apply in certain situations and for certain vehicles. Any internal combustion APS used in California must comply with applicable state off-road and/or federal non-road emissions standards and test procedures for its fuel type and power category to ensure that emissions do not exceed the emissions of a truck engine operating at idle. Model Year 2008 and newer heavy-duty diesel engines must be equipped with non-programmable engine shutdown systems that automatically shut down the engine after five minutes of idling or optionally meet a stringent nitrogen oxide idling emissions standard. A heavy-duty diesel engine certified for optional idling emissions standards must have a “certified clean idle” label, issued by the engine manufacturer, affixed permanently on the driver’s side hood of the truck. Similarly, off-road diesel engine APSs fitted with a proper, verified level 3 diesel particulate filter must have a “verified clean APS” label, issued by the APS manufacturer, affixed permanently on the driver’s side hood of the truck.

Operators of trucks equipped with sleeper berths are required to shut down the engine manually when idling more than five minutes at any location within California and are subject to fines for violation. The California Department of Motor Vehicles will not register, renew, or transfer registration for any vehicle operator who has received a violation until the violation is cleared.

For more information, see the California Air Resources Board Heavy-Duty Vehicle Idling Emission Reduction Program website.

(Reference California Code of Regulations Title 13, Section 2485)

Jurisdiction: California

Type: Laws and Regulations

Amended: Oct 13, 2007

Technologies: Idle Reduction

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