Biodiesel Committee and Pilot Program

Archived: 11/30/2005

The state established a committee, comprised of members of the state legislature, to study the use of biodiesel for use in vehicles, among other uses. The committee released the Final Report of the Committee to Study the Uses of Biodiesel for Home Heating and Vehicular Transportation in November 2005 with recommendations for encouragement of biodiesel production and use in the state, as well as biodiesel fuel quality standards. The study committee recommended that the state Department of Transportation undertake a pilot program in which a portion of the Department’s diesel vehicle fleet would use a biodiesel blend that meets the ASTM D6751 standard. As a result of this report, the Department of Transportation installed a biodiesel refueling station in August 2006 for use by the Department and the University of New Hampshire. (ReferenceBill 152, 2005)

Jurisdiction: New Hampshire

Type: Laws and Regulations

Technologies: Biodiesel

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