E85 Fuel Retailer Tax Credit

Archived: 04/01/2012

An E85 retailer may deduct $0.18 from the required state gross retail tax for every gallon of E85 sold before July 1, 2020. Reimbursement is contingent upon available funding from the Retail Merchant E85 Deduction Reimbursement Fund (Fund), which the Indiana State Budget Agency maintains. On July 1 of each year, the Indiana Corn Marketing Council (Council) will ensure that the Fund totals at least $500,000. As necessary, the Council will transfer the difference into the Fund. (Reference Indiana Code 6-2.5-7-5, 6-6-1.1-103, 15-15-12-30.5, and 15-15-12-32.5)

Jurisdiction: Indiana

Type: State Incentives

Amended: May 12, 2009

Technologies: Ethanol

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