E85 Quality and Labeling Specifications

Repealed: 06/06/2008

The following was repealed by House Bill 2621, 2008: Ethanol blenders and retailers must ensure that E85 blended or sold complies with American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) specification D5798-99. Fuel dispensers and pump nozzles for E85 must display a notice stating that the fuel is for use only in flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs). If all notices are displayed properly, a retail seller of E85 shall not be held liable if a consumer places E85 in a non-FFV. Motor fuel producers must provide a report to the state Department of Weights and Measures including, but not limited to, the following information: the amount of E85 produced, used, or sold each month, and the fuel quality parameters of the ethanol and gasoline used in the blend. (Reference Arizona Revised Statutes 41-2122.01)

Jurisdiction: Arizona

Type: Laws and Regulations

Enacted: Apr 11, 2006

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