State Energy Plan

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The Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy (DMME) is responsible for creating the Virginia Energy Plan (Plan) to assess the commonwealth's primary energy sources and recommends actions to meet state energy goals. The Plan must include policies to promote alternative fuel use, transportation electrification, efficient driving techniques, and reducing vehicle miles traveled. The Plan must assess statewide EV charging infrastructure and consider the impact of statewide policies, electric vehicle (EV) market projections, and statewide EV registration data to support the state’s 2045 net-zero carbon target in the transportation sector. The DMME must submit the Plan to the governor, the State Corporation Commission, and the General Assembly by October 1 of each year following the election of a new governor. For more information, see the Virginia Energy Plan website.

(Reference Senate Bill 1223, 2021, and Virginia Code 67-101 and 67-102)