Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) Access to Roadways

An NEV is an electric vehicle that has three or four wheels and is capable of achieving speeds between 20 miles per hour (mph) and 25 mph on a paved level surface. An NEV must be titled according to state law and may be operated on public streets and highways if it meets all equipment and vehicle safety requirements in Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, section 571.500, and successor requirements. An NEV may not operate on a roadway with a speed limit greater than 35 mph, except to cross that roadway. A road authority may prohibit or further restrict the operation of NEVs on any street or highway under the road authority’s jurisdiction.

(Reference Minnesota Statutes 169.011 and 169.224)

Jurisdiction: Minnesota

Type: Laws and Regulations

Amended: May 3, 2017

Technologies: NEVs

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