Energy Independence Strategy

Archived: 10/01/2010

The PennSecurity Fuels Initiative aims to reduce dependence on foreign oil by replacing 900 million gallons of the Commonwealth's transportation fuels with alternative sources over the next decade. The Initiative requires that retail transportation fuels contain a certain percentage of biodiesel or ethanol, and it also invests $30 million in existing funds from the Commonwealth's Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant program to build alternative fuel production and fueling infrastructure by 2011. The initiative also includes the creation of incentives that open new markets to Pennsylvania farmers who grow the feedstocks used to produce ethanol and biodiesel, and the creation of safeguards against alternative fuel price increases. For more information on the PennSecurity Fuels Initiative see the Pennsylvania Office of the Governor website.

Jurisdiction: Pennsylvania

Type: Laws and Regulations

Technologies: Biodiesel, Ethanol, EVs, Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Natural Gas, PHEVs, Propane (LPG)

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