State Emissions Reductions Requirements

Washington state must limit greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to achieve the following reductions:

  • By 2020, reduce overall GHG emissions in the state to 1990 levels;
  • By 2035, reduce overall GHG emissions in the state to 25% below 1990 levels; and
  • By 2050, reduce overall emissions to 50% below 1990 levels or 70% below the state's expected emissions that year.
Every other year, the Washington Departments of Ecology and Commerce must report to the governor and legislature on the total GHG emissions in the state for the previous two years. To reach these goals, the state will ensure that vehicles sold in the state meet stringent emissions standards; work with farmers, entrepreneurs, fuel distributors, and retailers to ensure that biofuel feedstocks are grown in Washington; ensure that refiners, blenders, and distributors of biofuels create jobs in the state; and strive to make it possible for the public to purchase fuel blends that reduce dependence on imported oil. For more information, see the Washington Department of Ecology's State Agency Climate Leadership website.

(Reference Revised Code of Washington 70.235.020 and Executive Order 07-02, 2007)