School Bus Idle Reduction Regulations

School bus drivers must turn off bus engines as soon as possible at loading and unloading areas and only restart the engine when it is time to depart. Exceptions include extreme weather conditions and idling in traffic. At bus depots, drivers are required to limit engine warm-up to the time recommended by the engine manufacturer. All school bus drivers in the state receive a minimum of 30 minutes of idling reduction instruction during their annual service training. In addition, school districts must revise bus schedules to maximize efficiency and assign the cleanest buses to the longest routes. For more information, see the Utah State Board of Education Pupil Transportation website and the Utah School Bus Idling Standards.

(Reference Utah Code 41-6a-1308 and Utah Administrative Code 277-601-1 through 277-601-3)

Jurisdiction: Utah

Type: Laws and Regulations

Enacted: Mar 14, 2008

Technologies: Fuel Economy / Efficiency, Idle Reduction

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