Ethanol Labeling Requirement

Repealed: 11/01/2018

Motor fuel containing more than 1% ethanol or methanol may not be sold or offered for sale from a motor fuel dispenser unless the individual selling or offering the fuel for sale prominently displays a label on the pump stating the fuel "Contains Ethanol" or "Contains Methanol," as applicable. The retailer must display the label in a clear, conspicuous, and prominent way on the same side of the motor fuel pump where the price is shown. If a motor fuel pump dispenses fuel that contains at least 10% ethanol (E10) or 5% methanol, the label must also state the percentage of ethanol or methanol, respectively, by volume. In addition, the person selling motor fuel or offering it for sale must provide the following information to the fuel user if requested: 1) the percentage of ethanol contained in the motor fuel being sold; 2) the percentage of methanol contained in the motor fuel being sold; and 3) if the motor fuel contains methanol, the types and percentages of associated co-solvents in the motor fuel being sold. (Reference Oklahoma Statutes 52-347)