Plug-In Electric Vehicle (PEV) Infrastructure Evaluation

Archived: 10/01/2015

The California Public Utilities Commission (PUC), in consultation with the California Energy Commission (CEC), California Air Resources Board, electrical corporations, and the motor vehicle industry, evaluated policies to develop infrastructure sufficient to overcome barriers to the widespread deployment and use of PEVs. The PUC must adopt rules to address the following:

  • The impacts on electrical infrastructure and any infrastructure upgrades necessary for widespread use of PEVs, including the role and development of public charging infrastructure;
  • The impact of PEVs on grid stability and the integration of renewable energy resources;
  • The technological advances necessary to ensure the widespread use of PEVs and what role the state should take to support the development of this technology;
  • The existing code and permit requirements that will impact the widespread use of PEVs and any recommended changes to existing policies that may be barriers to the widespread use of PEVs;
  • The role the state should take to ensure that technologies employed in PEVs work harmoniously and across service territories; and
  • The impact of widespread use of PEVs on achieving the state's greenhouse gas emissions reductions goals and renewables portfolio standard program, and what steps should be taken to address the possibility of shifting emissions reductions responsibilities from the transportation sector to the electrical industry.
A copy of the infrastructure assessment report is available on the CEC website.

(Reference California Public Utilities Code 740.2)

Jurisdiction: California

Type: Laws and Regulations

Enacted: Oct 11, 2009

Technologies: EVs, HEVs, PHEVs

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