Alternative Fuels Grants and Loans

Repealed: 10/23/2014

The following was repealed as a result of Virginia Department of Transportation action: The Alternative Fuels Revolving Fund is used to distribute loans and grants to municipal, county, and commonwealth government agencies to support alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) programs; pay for AFV maintenance, operation, evaluation, or testing; pay for vehicle conversions; or improve alternative fuel infrastructure. Eligible alternative fuels include electricity, hydrogen, and natural gas. Projects with a funding match are given priority in the evaluation process. (Reference Virginia Code 33.1-223.4 and 33.1-223.7)

Jurisdiction: Virginia

Type: State Incentives

Enacted: Jan 1, 1992

Amended: Mar 11, 2010

Technologies: Aftermarket Conversions, Biodiesel, Ethanol, EVs, Fuel Economy / Efficiency, Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Natural Gas, PHEVs, Propane (LPG)

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