Ethanol Fuel Blend Dispensing Regulations

Gasoline blended for use in an alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) may contain any percentage of agriculturally derived, denatured ethanol, up to and including 85% (E85). Ethanol and gasoline blended at the point of retail sale in an ethanol-blending fuel dispenser must be clearly labeled “FLEX-FUEL VEHICLES ONLY.” If a retailer sells both ethanol blends for use in AFVs as well as ethanol blends for use in standard combustion engines, the ethanol blends for use in a standard combustion engine must be dispensed from dedicated hoses, nozzles, or other equipment, and clearly labeled for use in conventional vehicles. Retailers are not responsible for customers’ self-service fueling actions as long as they meet these requirements.

(Reference Minnesota Statutes 239.761 and 296A.01)

Jurisdiction: Minnesota

Type: Laws and Regulations

Technologies: Ethanol

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