Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure Permitting and Safety

Individuals or entities must submit an application and pay a $10 fee to the State Fire Marshall or a certified designee before renovating or constructing a facility to store or dispense hydrogen fuel. The South Carolina State Fire Marshall must ensure that the state laws governing hydrogen fueling infrastructure are executed faithfully; require compliance with nationally recognized fire prevention and protection standards for hydrogen fueling infrastructure; develop training and certification requirements for county and municipal officials to permit hydrogen fueling infrastructure; develop minimum requirements for the design, construction, location, installation, and operation of equipment for storing, handling, and dispensing hydrogen; and perform random inspections of licensed fueling infrastructure.

(Reference South Carolina Code of Laws 23-9-20 and 23-9-510 through 23-9-570)

Jurisdiction: South Carolina

Type: Laws and Regulations

Enacted: Jun 14, 2010

Technologies: Hydrogen Fuel Cells

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