State Agency Sustainability Plan and Requirements

Each state department or agency must prepare an annual sustainability plan that includes ways to modify vehicle use practices and report annually on progress towards implementing their plan. Each state agency plan must be based on following targets and mandates: - When reasonably possible, state agencies must purchase on-road vehicles that use alternative fuels, including biodiesel blends of 20% (B20) or greater, compressed or liquefied natural gas, ethanol blends of 70% (E70) or greater, hydrogen, propane, or electricity, or (with the exception of buses, snowplows, and construction vehicles) have a fuel economy rating that exceeds 30 miles per gallon (mpg) in the city and 35 mpg on the highway; - When reasonably possible, state employees must fuel vehicles capable of operating on an alternative fuel with that fuel; - State agencies must increase the use of renewable fuels derived from agricultural products or waste products; and - State agencies must increase the use of technology for delivering information and services in order to reduce reliance on the state’s fleet.

(Reference Minnesota Statutes 16C.135 and 16C.137)